How do I play?

Buy the bounty
(with LTC or BTC)
Wait for someone to
buy the bounty back.
Win the profit!
(plus your original deposit)

Minigame: Instant Bounty

Want a 50% chance to double your deposit?
Enter your info and we'll give you an address.

Instant Bounty

Deposit your coins to the following address, and we'll tell you if you won! (min. 0.1 LTC, 0.01 BTC)

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so far

Last 20 transactions

Each time a bounty is redeemed, its price increases. Also, read these warnings.
If nobody wants your bounty for the next 24 hours, you get a consolation prize of 10%!

Bet Win Owner Address Increase Reset in  
Bet Win Owner Address Increase Reset in